Get an inside look at top companies interview processes. Along with well-known competitors like GrubHub, Postmates, and Uber Eats, DoorDash connects restaurants with hungry customers for quick food delivery right to their, well, door. , 35% of interviewees had a positive experience, and the average interview difficulty was rated a 2.6 out of 5. Technical interview questions for PMs are notoriously hard to prepare for - it's hard to ascertain how technical they'll be before the interview. For Dashers, the company provides a driver app, and customers have access to a number of services beyond just delivery, like the DashPass rewards program, and DoorDash for Work, which allows companies to send food to their remote employees. Try the App You should study as many data structures and algorithms as possible in order to increase your chances. In addition, my focus in supporting infrastructure usually requires a rotating on-call, where I might need to troubleshoot an outage outside For those of you that dont know me, Ive been writing blogs about preparing for technical interviews and about my startup. 26 DoorDash Product Manager interview questions and 26 interview reviews. Walk me through the experience of using OpenTable to book a reservation at a restaurant. You begin the interview process by applying online or via a recruiter. Each group is served by multiple products. It was an incredible, intense summerI learned a remarkable amount about software engineering that no textbook could have taught me. I had the EXACT same experience @oklifeform and @kimchikun! Here are 20 things that you didn't know about DoorDash. The PM interview at DoorDash is divided into two parts: product prioritization and product sense. In this PM mini lesson, our ex-Googler Founder, Kenton Kivestu, discusses the type of product sense/design questions you'll face and what the interviewer. The cases center around a core component of DoorDash's business model. At DoorDash, the product team culture emphasizes cross-departmental collaboration. Do you find yourself wishing that people stayed in their lanes, or do you welcome collaboration? What is the most serious misstep you've taken on a project. Facebook, Go to company page What the interviewer will assess If you can come up with ideas in a short period of time. Product Metrics-This type of DoorDash case study focuses entirely on your product sense. Product managers can expect to work very closely with design, engineering, and operators to meet the needs of the customer, merchant, and Dasher segments. According to, of interviewees got their foot in the door through an employee referral. Anyone have tips on 1. 3. We believe that our top rated Dashers should be rewarded with unique perks, which is now especially imperative to our Dasher community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview process is divided into several stages: Before applying for a role, you should research the organization to learn about its mission, values, community, and products. Amazon, Go to company page DoorDash provides the flexibility to merchants to solve their unique challenges, whether its about bringing new customers, creating loyalty programs, introducing new products, expanding to catering, building their own marketing channels, etc. Below is a list of questions that DoorDash is known to ask. How can you boost DoorDash's post-booking experience after the user has placed their order? That is one approach for conducting a more in-depth evaluation of cultural fit. Currently, DoorDash has more than 3,300 open positions, including several product management jobs. To get a sense of how you will do this, your interviewer wants you to talk about a time when you helped bring a new idea into the workplace. Subscribe Let me read it first At one Palo Alto macaroon shop, the, showed them a huge booklet of delivery orders and explained that she was the only one fulfilling them. What are the most common issues that arise during the delivery process after a customer has placed an order? The first stage is a quick call with a DoorDash recruiter. "During my interview process with DoorDash I enjoyed the opportunity to wear multiple hats. As a product manager, you will be expected to make decisions that will impact the business. DoorDash may ask you questions related to the specific domain of expertise you're applying for, so it's helpful to review your past experiences and background and researching the team you're interviewing with to be fully prepared. Your email address will not be published. The DoorDash business model focuses on three key segments: Dashers, merchants, and customers. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Subscribe to stay up to date with the lates engineering news and trends! The consensus was clear: delivery was their most pressing challenge. We strongly believe that failure and bad decisions can be okay, so long as you learn and apply those learnings going forward. Most of the time, your interview will begin with a review of your resume, so make sure you understand every detail in and around it. According to Glassdoor, 13% of interviewees got their foot in the door through an employee referral. What do you think is the main reason a Doordash driver failed to deliver a complete order, e.g., a customer ordered three tacos, but only two were delivered. What are the values you look for in an opportunity? Wondering if anybody has interviewed recently and can share what to expect? Our executive team has intentionally set a bottom up culture, where most decisions are entrusted to the working teams so theyre able to move at their own pace, and work autonomously. Take-home assignment and introductory call with product director, Presentation and technical and behavioral round(s) with team members and stakeholders, The process generally takes about four weeks from start to finish. Assume you are PM at Airbnb, there are two problems to solve: customers being unable to check-in, and customers having a dirty place. Airbnb Since then, Ive managed products on the Support, Dispatch and Dasher teams, and most recently am leading the Logistics org. I plotted the number of orders vs. GOV below. During the interview with the Product Director, youll get the chance to present your findings and receive feedback. How would you run the experiment? Currently, DoorDash has more than 3,300 open positions, including several product management jobs. Analytical questions test your ability to understand the product strategy and the data. To accomplish this, first list three points. The leadership team provides goals and then from there, how each team achieves their goals truly comes from bottom up. Walk us through the product design of either the Apple app store or Google Play. Also, I look to the design team to the rest of the company about how to apply the customer love to drive a delightful experience end to end. Within a few hours, the four founders had built the first prototype of what would become DoorDash. In this stage, you'll meet 4-5 team members for up to an hour each. We interviewed Kevin to share what its like to ship products in a fast-paced environment, and solicit his advice on how to accelerate your career in product. Will Dimondi Manager for Merchant Design, Your email address will not be published. 1 Answer. First, to be such a reliable, affordable and comprehensive service that DoorDash serves as a true utility to our customers. There are two aspects of the product teams work. Lengthy but thorough, enough time for you to learn a lot about your manager and cross functional partners - multiple rounds of 3 back to back interviews, 30 mins each. I interviewed at DoorDash (San Francisco, CA) in Aug 2022 Interview Met with recruiter, then had a 1 hour technical screen consisting of 30m of SQL, followed by 30m of case study questions. If your position requires a physical presence in a Sprout office, it will be evident in the job listing and your offer letter. They also opened their first ghost kitchen. Curiosity is another important one as they need to know the ins and outs of their customers. This knowledge is important when interviewing with recruiters, hiring managers, and other employees to demonstrate how you fit with the company. (NYSE: EPAM) has leveraged its software engineering expertise to become a leading global product development, digital platform engineering, and top digital and product design agency . How would you improve the post-booking experience on TaskRabbit? accelerator and were accepted, receiving a seed investment of $120,000. DoorDash expects that about 80% of their workforce will be in-office a few days a week, while 15% will remain fully remote. The PMs Ive worked with in leadership positions all exhibit this one essential trait - they elevate everyone around them. How do you collaborate with clients, sponsors, and stakeholders? These filing fees don't include the cost of the medical exam that's required. Many Doordash Software Engineers prefer to program in Java. Then drivers for DoorDash will pick up the customers food and drive it to them. A DoorDash product management job description usually begins with an About the Role section which describes why the company is hiring for this position and how the role fits into the larger product team. This interview will attempt to extract your personality as well as how you will fit into the company and work. How do you define success when it comes to Yelp reviews? like Chipotle, The Cheesecake Factory, Subway, McDonalds, and Taco Bell. Get your resume reviewed by a senior tech recruiter. DoorDash's interview process is known to be highly competitive, given its prominent position in the tech ecosystem. With a background in both operations and product management, Kevin has experience working across deeply cross-functional teams to drive improvements in delivery quality and Dasher efficiency. Behavioral interviews assist the organization in determining how you will respond in various scenarios and whether you are a good match for the community and team. The second interview is another phone screen, except this time it is arranged by a Hiring Manager who may be accompanied by a currently working PM. Table of Contents show. DoorDash is a company that connects customers to their favorite restaurants. Most existing solutions require merchants to heavily discount or advertise their products, and merchants dont have the flexibility theyd like to attain specific goals. While people are preparing to land a product management job, this is one of the most important factors they must consider. Oh, and we also crashed some drones. Review your resume to speak off it, and be sure to research a bit more about DoorDash. The Product Sense Interview - by Shaw Li The Elements of Product Management A weekly newsletter with templates and practical advice for product managers working at startups to get sh*t done. Interviewer started out cold and disinterested. They arent able to adjust their order and are instead forced to cancel, a notably awful customer experience. Recently we also announced DoorDash Storefront, which is another platform that provides merchants e-commerce capability, especially for the 40% of businesses that aren't online today. Do you have the ability to hold two opposing ideas? can help you secure that all-important first interview. etc, NOTE: I would recommend reviewing our DoorDash values (below) to aid in supporting your examples during this portion, You can find a full list of their values here. What do you believe can go wrong after the customer places an order? Good luck! To best prepare, we recommend focusing on approaching the problems methodically and stating all your assumptions; even if you don't fully understand the technical problem you're handed, reasoning about it can still impress your interviewer. All interview questions are submitted by recent DoorDash Product Manager candidates, labelled and categorized by Prepfully, and then published after being verified by Product Manager s at DoorDash . Required fields are marked *. Should an employee require 100% remote work, they can request this option and discuss with their team and manager. A few positions, like the Product Manager role pictured below, also include a Nice to Haves section. Peeling the onion from the top line, the numbers of orders have grown as DoorDash rolled out more markets, and then there's a clear uplift from Covid in Q2 2020. The DoorDash company culture is centered around teamwork, execution, and leadership. Since the beginning of the COVID-related shutdowns, DoorDash has delivered approximately 11 million meals. And this is when I hear a lot of interesting new ideas from designers in more informal settings. These were the exact questions I got asked as well. The consumer team is focused on helping consumers get their food faster at a more affordable price. Our question bank has 10000+ interview questions and growing, 132 of which are for DoorDash Product Manager interviews. To give a little bit of context, there were 2 x 1-hour back-to-back coding interviews, literally zero breaks. Wed be glad to answer any of your questions. Describe one previous experience from your resume. Product managers can expect to work very closely with design, engineering, and operators to meet the needs of the customer, merchant, and Dasher segments. Thought it was just me. Team matching happens before they give a final offer Interview Questions Even today, every new DoorDash team member starts as a driver. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, their main charitable activities were focused on reducing food waste and addressing food insecurity. The DoorDash business model follows a Y-structure plan, focusing on all three sides of the food delivery business model and coordinating between restaurants, drivers and customers. In December, DoorDash went public (NYSE: DASH). This means every delivery needs to be seamless and on time, all the way down to the correct sides and sauces. Written by professional interviewers with 70 answer examples and 10 community answer examples.